Call for Papers

Abstract submissions due: 14 February 2020

The 12th ISSGB organizers are soliciting both papers and panel discussion topics from the international strain gauge balance community. Papers and panel discussion topics are welcome in the following areas:

  • Balance design
  • New balance concepts
  • Balance finite element analysis
  • Balance manufacturing
  • Balance calibration (automatic and manual)
  • Data reduction
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Novel balance applications
  • Instrumentation (including data transmission)
  • Strain gauges
  • Thermal effects
  • Model attitude and model deformation
  • Facility reports and upgrade projects

Important Dates


15 May 2019

First call for paper

6 August 2019

Second call for papers

3 December 2019

Third call for papers

 14 February 2020

Abstract and panel discussion topic submission deadline

 28 February 2020

Author notification of paper acceptance

 31 March 2020

Early bird registration closes

 22 April 2020

Submission of final paper

Submission Guidelines

Submissions based on experimental results and ongoing activities are highly encouraged. Complete manuscripts are required before the conference. The working language for the symposium is English.

All abstracts must be submitted electronically via the EasyChair entry page for the 12th ISSGB 2020. The “SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT” button above provides a link to the 12th ISSGB 2020 EasyChair submission page. Alternatively type into your web browser address bar to access the submission page. For instructions on how to submit an abstract through EasyChair click here.


To submit a panel discussion topic click on the “SUBMIT PANEL DISCUSSION TOPIC” button above and complete all input fields.

If you experience any problems with paper or panel discussion topic submissions please do not hesitate to email us at

Optional Peer Review Process and ISBN/DOI Number Allocation

Some companies and institutions will only provide financial support for symposium attendance if the papers are formally peer reviewed. At ISSGB 2020 a peer review panel will review any papers that have this requirement. These papers will be assigned an ISBN/DOI number and will be bound in the formal ISSGB 2020 proceedings. Authors who wish to make use of this facility must please adhere to the AIAA document format which is available here.

Those who prefer to present their papers at the ISSGB, but formally publish elsewhere at a later date, are free to do so. Some degree of peer review will be conducted on all submitted papers in order to select the most interesting papers. The symposium has allocated thirty 20 minute slots for paper presentations over the three day symposium. It can not be guaranteed that all submitted papers will be accepted for presentation.